How Much Oil Will You Need to Burn to Heat Your Shop with a Waste Oil Furnace? Let’s Do the Math.

If you’ve spent time doing research online to understand the ins and outs of heating your shop with a waste oil furnace, you’ve likely found other prospective buyers also asking “how much waste oil will it take to keep my shop warm?”

It’s an important question. And, the answer depends on various factors including:

  • Building size
  • Furnace capacity
  • Building insulation
  • Outdoor climate
  • and more.

Assuming a business has chosen a Clean Energy Heating Systems furnace that’s the correct size for its facility, let’s take a look at approximately how many gallons of waste oil are needed per month to run the heater for 5 days a week for an 8-hour shift each day.

Estimated Monthly Gallons of Waste Oil Needed to Heat a Shop with a Waste Oil Heater:
Based on an Average 160-Hour Work Month

  • CE-330 Waste Oil Furnace (ideal for garages with 7+ bays) – approximately 370 gallons per month, based on 2.3 GPH fuel consumption rate
  • CE-250 Waste Oil Furnace (ideal for garages with 5 to 8 bays) – approximately 280 gallons per month, based on 1.7 GPH fuel consumption rate
  • CE-180 Waste Oil Furnace (ideal for garages with 3 to 6 bays) – approximately 195 gallons per month, based on 1.2 GPH fuel consumption rate
  • CE-140 (ideal for garages with 1 to 4 bays) – 160 gallons per month, based on 1.0 GPH fuel consumption rate

As you can see, the waste oil needs increase with furnace size. But that doesn’t mean businesses should buy a smaller heater to decrease fuel needs. A heater that’s too small for a facility won’t effectively heat the space it’s intended to serve. If your shop doesn’t produce enough waste oil on its own, you can purchase waste oil or buy #2 heating oil to supplement your supply.

Selecting the appropriate furnace for optimal performance and cost-efficiency is critical. Fortunately, we can help you with that! Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of which waste oil heater will best suit your shop’s size and heating needs. We look forward to hearing from you!