Distributor Spotlight: TM Refrigeration

We’re excited to add a new feature to our website where we’ll spotlight one of our distributors each month. For our inaugural feature, we’ll learn a little bit about our very first distributor. Thanks to Carl from TM Refrigeration for taking the time to chat!

How long has TM Refrigeration been in business?
Over 16 years.

What areas of heating and cooling do you specialize in?
We do heating, air conditioning, radiant floor heat, waste oil heating… basically all types of commercial and residential heating and cooling.

What territory do you cover?
We cover the Eastern part of Pennsylvania from State College in the West, to Philadelphia in the East.

What trends have you seen over the past year in heating and cooling?
People are definitely more conscious of what it costs to heat and cool. Tremendously more conscious! They’re actively looking for ways to reduce their heating and cooling costs.

What is on the horizon for your business in 2013?
We’re looking forward to lots of new products from our great manufacturer partners! Lots of new products that will help our customers keep their facilities comfortable while reducing costs.

TM Refrigeration  //  Carl  //   (717) 445-6272