Considering a Waste Oil Furnace for Your Hobby Garage? Here’s What You Should Know

For those hobbies where costs seem to add up easily, finding ways to cut energy costs means having more money to spend on what you love. And, if like many people your hobby includes vehicles and motor oil, you’re in a perfect position to slash your hobby garage’s heating bill to leave you more money to build, repair, and tinker with vehicles and machinery.

How? By converting to waste oil heating.

With a waste oil furnace, you can use the waste oil you generate as free heat for your garage. Depending on your waste oil output, your hobby may end up paying for itself.

Of course, you shouldn’t jump into buying a waste oil heater without understanding what to look for.

Tips for Choosing a Waste Oil Furnace

1. Find the best match for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

You’ll want to select a furnace that will effectively and economically heat your garage. Furnaces come in all sizes and capacities, so you’ll want to research which make and model will meet your building’s needs. Choosing one with too minimal an output could leave you shivering in winter, and spending a bundle on supplementary forms of heat. Choosing one with an output beyond your needs won’t make sense either from an investment perspective.

2. Consider the layout of your garage.

Size isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing a waste oil furnace; you also need to consider how you’ll be able to arrange the heater’s various components. Some manufacturers’ furnaces offer more flexibility than others when it comes to how you install and store the heater. At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we provide multiple options for mounting our furnaces including tank, wall, and ceiling mounts. We also offer a heavy-duty heating center that keeps all furnace components neatly stacked in a compact space. With chimney outlets on the left and right side, they offer even more installation flexibility.

3. Ask about ease of maintenance and operation.

The easier it will be to maintain a furnace, the more likely you’ll be to keep it working at optimal performance. Not all heaters are created equal when it comes to the ease of servicing them. For instance, our furnaces have vertical flue tubes that conveniently deposit ash into an easy-to-clean pan for simple ash removal. Also, we built our waste oil heaters with over-center latches, so no tools are needed when cleaning. When well-maintained, Clean Energy waste oil furnaces can go over 1,000 hours between cleanings.

Operating our waste oil furnaces is easy, too. With digital burner controls and our mobile Wi-Fi app, you can program your furnace’s settings—from anywhere, at anytime—for reliable, consistent performance.

4. Find out if you’ll get the ongoing support you need.

Support should be available quickly whenever you have questions about your furnace, need service, or want to order parts and accessories. You’ll want to make sure before you purchase that the company you buy from is committed to supporting you well after the sale. At Clean Energy, we commit ourselves to exceptional customer service. We offer multiple levels of support from our factory, including an industry-leading warranty; and from our national network of dealers and distributors.

A hobby should be enjoyed without causing financial stress. Contact us today to learn more about how a waste oil furnace can reduce and possibly eliminate your hobby garage’s heating costs. We look forward to working with you.