A Closer Look at Features to Look for in a Waste Oil Furnace: Stainless Steel Components

We’ve written articles in the past to offer guidance on what features to look for in a waste oil furnace. With several manufacturers and models to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out which offer the best quality and value.

In this and several future posts, we’re going to zero in on specific features; to explain why they should be one of your key considerations when comparing waste oil heaters.
Let’s start with a feature that we believe is a must: stainless steel heating components.

Why Stainless Steel Heating Components?

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, we make our waste oil furnaces with high-grade stainless steel components for several reasons.

Stainless steel makes our waste oil furnaces:

  • Stronger than furnaces made of less durable metals.
  • More resistant to corrosion and deterioration than aluminum or mild steel.
  • Stand up to rigorous heating demands for the long term.

By using stainless steel in our heating components (e.g., the combustion chamber, flue tubes, and more), we make sure that your waste oil furnace will last for the long haul. We engineer and manufacture our furnaces to provide optimal value and cost-savings year-in and year-out for many years to come.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Are Just the Beginning

Of course, stainless steel isn’t the only thing our American-made furnaces have going for them! Other standout features include:

  • Air swept combustion chamber to maximize heat transfer.
  • Vertical flue tubes for easy cleanout.
  • Swedged flue tubes resist cracking.
  • Tool-free cleanout access for easy service.
  • Clean-out capability without removing the stove pipe.
  • High-altitude settings to minimize overfiring.
  • Pre-assembled, vacuum-tested pump that works right out of the box.

Ready Learn More?

So, if you’re looking for a waste oil furnace with all the right stuff to save you money and dispose of your waste oil in an EPA-compliant way, contact us today! No matter what size your business is, or how much waste oil you generate, we have a model that can meet your needs.