5 Reasons Agricultural Businesses are a Perfect Fit for a Waste Oil Furnace

Agricultural businesses across the U.S. are facing financially challenging times. With rising costs, competitive challenges, and profitability a struggle, it makes sense to look for viable ways to cut costs wherever possible.

One way to decrease costs significantly without sacrificing any aspect of your operations is by converting to waste oil heating. By using a waste oil furnace, you can transform the used petroleum products that your machinery and farm equipment generate into free heat for your site.

Waste oil heating offers a perfect heating solution for agricultural businesses because:

  1. There’s a need for it! A waste oil furnace can be used in buildings such as greenhouses, barns, production facilities, and more.
  2. You likely use a variety of machinery that produces used oil products such as hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, motor oil, and more.  Examples of equipment that produces used petroleum fluids include: combines, tractors, harvesters, pickup trucks, delivery trucks, and other vehicles and machines.
  3. With so many pieces of equipment that generate waste oil, agriculture operations typically produce a high volume of used oil—which means a greater potential for decreasing monthly heating costs to near $0.
  4. You’re well positioned for a fast and impressive ROI. By generating most or all of the waste oil needed to run a waste oil furnace, agricultural businesses stand to save significant dollars every month, thus recovering the cost of their initial investment quickly.
  5. Waste oil furnaces are an environmentally conscious way to reduce waste, thereby reducing your business’ carbon footprint. They provide a way to dispose of used oil safely and reduce reliance on nonrenewable energy sources.

No matter how small or large your operation, Clean Energy Heating Systems has a waste oil heater to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about how a waste oil furnace can help you save significant dollars by providing free heat for your business!