4 Reasons Automotive Businesses, Large and Small, Are a Perfect Fit for a Waste Oil Furnace

If you run an automotive business, you have the opportunity to save substantially on your heating bills by putting a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace to work for your company.

Whether you run a dealership, garage, trucking operation, fleet management business, car wash, or car rental company, waste oil heating can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line.

What makes waste oil heating so ideal for your type of business? Let’s count the ways!

4 Reasons Your Automotive Business and a Waste Oil Furnace Are a Great Match

1. You generate your own fuel.
While operating your business, you generate an ample supply of used petroleum products (such as crankcase oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid) that can be used in your waste oil furnace to create free heat for your building.

2. Size doesn’t matter.
No matter the size of your operation, there’s a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace that’s the right size and capacity to meet your needs.

3. You have space, even if you think you don’t!
Regardless of your building’s floor plan or available space, you will have room for one of our waste oil furnaces. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Or you can use our space-saving Waste Oil Heating Center that combines a UL-approved oil storage tank with a vertical steel frame mount that will hold any of our furnaces above the tank. Also, our furnaces have chimney ports on both the left and right sides, which means you’re not limited to where you can place them.

4. You want an easier, less expensive, and low-risk way to dispose of used oil.
Used petroleum products must be discarded according to strict EPA regulations. Even if you pay a third-party to remove and haul off your used oil, you could face fines or even legal issues if your vendor either fails to follow the rules or has a mishap. However, with a waste oil furnace, you can safely dispose of your used oil on your own by recycling it and using it for free heat for your facility.

Ready to Talk and Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?
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