4 Advantages of Waste Oil Heating That You’ve Got to Hear About!

If you’re considering waste oil heating for your business, you’ve made a good decision. Waste oil heating can save your business big bucks when it comes to energy costs, as well as minimize the “cradle-to-grave” risk associated with using an oil disposal company. Read on for a quick recap of the main benefits inherent in this technology!

4 Big Benefits of Waste Oil Heating

  1. Waste Oil Heating Cuts Energy Costs
    With a waste oil furnace that turns your used oil (transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, etc.) into free heat for your facility, you can slash your energy expenses substantially. That extra money can come in handy for tackling other business initiatives to further grow your company.
  2. Waste Oil Heating Eliminates Guesswork
    Waste oil heating provides a way to evenly distribute and control heat through your building. With Clean Energy Heating Systems furnaces, you get digital controls and a mobile app for remote access so that you can adjust settings and regulate temperatures within your facility anywhere, anytime. Having that extra level of control makes it easy to adapt to unexpected changes in the weather, and to prevent pilot error.
  3. Waste Oil Heating Allows You to Dispose of Used Oil Safely, Lawfully, and Cost-Effectively
    Waste oil heating gives you a way to get rid of your used oil per EPA rules. Rather than put yourself at risk because of the mishaps that can potentially happen when transporting used oil off-site (either doing it yourself or hiring a third party), you can instead burn it in your waste oil furnace at your location.
  4. Waste Oil Heating Does Right by the Environment
    It’s an environmentally friendly method of disposing of used oil. Being an eco-conscious company can help your business from a public image standpoint. And that can help you feel great about how you’ve chosen to operate your company.

In summary, waste oil heating can help you:

  • Save money.
  • Manage your your building’s climate precisely – from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Meet government regulations for disposal of used oil.
  • Run your company in a more eco-friendly way.

We have waste oil furnaces in sizes and capacities to accommodate the needs of nearly any business. Contact us today for more information about how a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heater can benefit your company!