Cost Comparison: Waste Oil vs. No. 2 Heating Oil

Interesting fact: in many cases, businesses that purchase a waste oil furnace don’t even create waste oil! That’s right, a waste oil heater can help you save money on your winter heating bills even if your business does not create used motor oil, used transmission fluid or other used petroleum products.

How is this possible? Thanks to the help of a waste oil broker, you can buy used oil, that other businesses generate, at a steep discount when compared with the cost of new No. 2 Heating Oil. And when you add in the fact that all Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces can run on a mixture of new and used petroleum products, there is clearly much flexibility in owning a waste oil heater.

Thanks to a recent cost comparison with a local waste oil broker, we found that used waste oil can be purchased for approximately 50% less than new heating oil. Check out the chart below to see the difference!

Waste Oil Heater Cost Per Gallon Comparison vs. No. 2 Heating Oil

Although prices may vary based on market conditions and your own geographic location, as you can see, you don’t need to generate waste oil to take advantage of the cost savings provided by a waste oil furnace.

With a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil heater, you can start saving money today! Contact us directly to learn more about waste oil heating and we’ll share our thoughts on how to help you get started realizing the benefits of burning waste oil to create heat for your busienss.