You Don’t Need to Generate Waste Oil to Save Money with a Waste Oil Furnace

Because waste oil furnaces can help businesses save on energy expenses by converting their used petroleum products into fuel for heat, cutting costs by recycling waste oil makes good bottom line business sense. And waste oil heaters also help companies act on their commitment to preserving the environment by reusing potentially hazardous waste and preventing it from entering the ecosystem. For companies that generate their own waste oil, a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace is a natural fit.

But did you know you can take advantage of their cost-savings potential even if you don’t run a business that creates its own waste oil?

Fueling Up a Waste Oil Furnace

At Clean Energy Heating Systems, our waste oil heaters can run on used motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and other petroleum products. They can also burn standard No. 2 heating oil or a mixture of old and new oil products. So if your busienss doesn’t generate enough waste oil to keep a furnace burning, you can get the fuel you need from waste oil brokers or companies that sell home heating oil.

There are brokers across the country that buy waste oil from businesses who don’t recycle it on their own and who need a regulatory-compliant professional to remove it from their properties.  Some sell only to certain regions, while others have distribution networks that span across the United States and beyond. Keep in mind that not all used oil brokers sell to businesses of all sizes. Some have minimum order requirements.

With No. 2 heating oil available from many different providers, you can easily use it as your sole source – or in a supplemental role – for fueling your waste oil furnace. That gives you some flexibility if you run into issues with pricing or availability of used oil. Best of all, you can mix and match the oil that you put into a Clean Energy Heating Systems furnace with no adverse effects

More Food for Thought about Waste Oil Furnaces

Besides their energy cost-savings potential and environmentally-friendliness, our waste oil furnaces have additional positive attributes. They come in all sizes and capacities to accommodate businesses both large and small. They require very little maintenance and are generally simple to clean and service. And we even offer financing plans to help you start saving money quickly.

True, waste oil heaters make the most sense for companies that directly produce their own used oil. But there are plenty of reasons why you might consider one for your business even if you don’t generate waste oil of your own.

To determine if a waste oil furnace is right for your business, contact us today. We’d be happy to chat about your needs and recommend a waste oil furnace that’s perfect for your business.