Waste Oil Furnace Comparison: Lanair vs. Clean Energy Heating Systems

By investing in a waste oil furnace and converting your used petroleum products into free heat for your business, you can save a bundle on your energy costs and dispose of your waste oil in an EPA compliant way.

But which brand should you turn to for the best waste oil heater? Before you buy, we recommend you carefully consider how the leading manufacturers’ equipment compares to each other.

Let’s take a look at how our equipment stands up to another respected brand, Lanair.

What Clean Energy Heating Systems and Lanair waste oil furnaces have in common:

  • Versatility in what they can burn (used motor oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF fluid, #2 heating oil)
  • Models in a variety of sizes to heat facilities small and large facilities
  • Swedged flue tubes
  • Not necessary to remove the flue stack to clean them

But there are some distinct ways in which our waste oil heaters are not the same. Read on for a few important differences that you should keep in mind when choosing a waste oil furnace brand!

How Clean Energy Heating Systems and Lanair waste oil furnaces are different:

Clean Energy Heating Systems heaters have the following features that Lanair’s do not:

  • Stainless steel components for greater durability and rust-resistance—in all furnace models
  • Swedged, not welded, flue tubes to resist cracking and ensure a longer furnace life
  • Vertical flue tubes that allow ash to fall conveniently into a collection pan and require less frequent cleaning intervals
  • Air swept combustion chamber for maximum heat transfer
  • Quick and easy cleanout (no tools required!) thanks to over-center latches, hinged cleanout door, and an oil line that doesn’t need to be disconnected before cleanout
  • High-altitude settings to prevent furnace from overfiring (which can cause damage and cut equipment’s life short)
  • Pre-assembled, tested pump to speed installation time and prevent end-user assembly errors
  • Digital burner controls, to eliminate manual effort and prevent user error

As you’re comparing waste oil furnaces to find the one that will make the most sense for your business, we invite you to contact us with your questions. We can help shed more light on the features and benefits of our waste oil heaters and share about our warranties and available financing options. Take a step now toward saving money on your heating costs for years to come—request a quote today!